Anything can look good on paper, but you need to experience it to confirm your passion.

- Power Project Engineer

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Finding the Right Fit

'How do I know if a company is a good fit for me?'

There are lots of ways to define "fit". The only way to really figure out what you want is by talking to people in the business about these variables, listening to their perspectives, and then comparing these answers with what feels right for you.

For example, do you excel in a small organizational setting or do you thrive in a larger geographically dispersed organization? Or, do you have the desire to travel, especially while you are young? Examining each variable and thinking through how it affects you is crucial to defining "best fit".

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Lessons Learned

Insider tips from the under thirty crowd on what they learned while doing their job search. Think of it as adding "extra power" to your search.

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Job Search FAQs

Most job searchers have some questions about how to go about finding the right opportunity. It’s only natural. Here’s a list of questions and answers that will help make your job search more effective.

In the PDF, you’ll find answers to questions, such as:

  • What can I do to stand apart from other candidates?
  • What does a "proactive job search" look like to an employer?
  • What is the fastest way to find who the major contractors are in a given market?
  • If you have no experience in construction, what are some ways for me to break in?
  • How can I make cold calls work for me?

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Why Job Search Booster?

Many elements factor into a person’s potential for success in the commercial construction business. Here, you will find exclusive suggestions and tips dedicated to helping you become the best possible candidate you can be.

This site was created by seasoned construction executives and recent hires who have been in your shoes. They give you some of their insights to stand out from the others and help you find the company that best fits you.

Resume Ideas

From the college intern with little or no industry experience to the working professional – read up on what industry professionals hope to find on your resume. Also included are some important points to emphasize what will make your resume stand out.

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Interview Hints & Job Fair Tips

1. Yes, it’s true – do your homework in advance.

This means know the basics about a company such as strengths, market focus, services, and history. It also means to prepare questions around aspects that are important to you.

2. Be aware of the need for a balanced conversation.

If you are doing all the talking (or vice-versa) something is wrong. A good conversation includes lots of active listening.

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Job Fair Tips

Job Fairs can be a great way to experience a large number of companies in a short period of time. They can also be a fast way to shoot yourself in the foot if you are not prepared.

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Top Companies

Need some help identifying possible GCs and/or CMs to research or contact? These links take you to lists of commercial construction companies, both large and small.

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